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Christ's Cross

The Man on the Cross

Original Date: 
Sunday, April 1, 2012

Luke 23:26-56 60 Hours That Changed the World: The Man on the Cross

Pretty Crosses
This week had Jean do a Google image search for “pretty crosses.” Here’s some of what she found:

This is a stained glass window in a cathedral in Europe. We couldn’t figure out where exactly, but it’s beautiful isn’t it?

If you’ve ever driven interstate 35 through Oklahoma, here’s a cross you might have noticed. This is a huge cross at Lifechurch in Edmond, OK. They light it up at night and you can see it for miles before you actually get to it.

The Cup

Original Date: 
Sunday, March 4, 2012

Luke 22:39-53 60 Hours That Changed the World: The Cup

High Degree Stress
I’m going to tell you a story, but allow me to preface it by explaining something about myself. I am prone to motion sickness. Roller coasters are not my thing. Spinning in circles is not my thing.