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But God

But God Raised Him from the Dead

Original Date: 
Thursday, April 9, 2015

Acts 12:22-39 But God… Impossible for Death to Keep Its Hold on Him

I’ve been thinking about Saturday.

Have you ever wondered what happened on Saturday?

We’ve got a pretty good idea of what happened on the other days of Holy Week. We know about the Last Supper and the prayer in Gethsemane on Thursday. We know about the cross and the horror of the crucifixion on Friday. And, of course, we know about the Glorious Resurrection on Sunday.

Rich in Mercy

Original Date: 
Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ephesians 2:1-8 But God…Rich in Mercy

1984 NIV
I am a fan of the 1984 New International Version of the Bible. Some of you have heard me talk about this before (or complain about it) so I thought I should explain.

Take Heart

Original Date: 
Sunday, March 22, 2015

John 16:19-24, 33 But God… Take Heart

Standing on the Promises
Mark Hall, the lead singer of the Christian band Casting Crowns tells the following story:

Laurie Edwards watched her little girl gasping for air and wanted to breathe for her. She wanted the Maker of breaths to swoop in and fill her child's lungs and dissolve every tumor with His mere glance. She wanted another miracle.

Jail Cells, Prayer Cells and Hungry Worms

Original Date: 
Sunday, March 15, 2015

Acts 12 But God… Jail Cells, Prayer Cells and Hungry Worms

Rise of the “Nones”
You may have heard that the largest growing religious group in America is the “nones.” No, not the lovely little ladies in black habits and wimples, not “N-U-N-S”; but “N-O-N-E-S”. Those who, when asked to mark their religious affiliation on census data or similar surveys, mark “NONE.”

The One Who Sits on His Throne Laughs

Original Date: 
Sunday, March 1, 2015

Psalm 2 But God… The One Enthroned in Heaven Laughs

The Peoples Plot in Vain
In 2006 a group of the leading scientists in America got together for something they called the “Beyond Belief” conference. The magazine New Scientist described the meeting like this:

For the Good

Original Date: 
Sunday, February 22, 2015

Genesis 50:19-20 But God… For the Good

Conjunction Junction
Today is the first Sunday in Lent. Lent is the season that leads up to Easter. 40 days (not counting the Sundays) commemorating the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert fasting and being tempted by Satan. I usually think of the season of Lent as preparation for thinking about what Jesus did for us on the cross.

And so, today we are beginning a new series, one that I have entitled “But God…”